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I'm a huge fan of listening to podcasts because they are FREE mini-workshops that you can enjoy at your own pace. These days, the therapists, coaches, teachers, and healers that I follow all share the 'cliff notes' of their personal growth methods on podcasts.

It's amazing!!!

Below is my ever-growing list of must-listen-to podcasts. I like to listen while cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, or other mundane chores, and/or on long drives. I also turn on podcasts when I'm struggling or in an emotional funk. I continually add new podcasts to this list so make sure you check in occasionally.

My coaching pulls from all of the methods, tools, and techniques mentioned in these podcasts. If what you hear resonates and you want to receive coaching to dive deeper into your personal growth, let me know!

1. Create The Love - Transform Your Relationship Patterns and Come Home To Yourself with Sheleana Aiyana

2. Create The Love - How To Change Your Patterns in Love with Vienna Pharaon

3. Create The Love - How To Change Your Patterns in Love with Vienna Pharaon

4. Create The Love - The Attachment Theory & Nervous System Connection with Sarah Baldwin

5. Create The Love - Relationships Are Meant To Be Hard with Sheleana Aiyana

6. Create The Love - How To Use Conflict To Actually Deepen Your Relationship with Nick Solaczek

7. Create The Love - Codependency: the Disease to Please with Terri Cole

8. Create The Love - Attachment Theory 101 with Sylvie Khoucasian

9. Create The Love - What Feminity Wants with John Wineland

10. Create The Love - Why You Run From Love (or Sabotage it) with Dr. Alexandra Solomon

11. Create The Love - How To Become A Boundary Boss with Terri Cole

12. Create The Love - How To Stop Over-Functioning with Jules Webber

13. Create The Love - the Cost of Toxic Relationships with Erin Skye Kelly

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