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After graduating from SFSU in 2001 with A BA in photography, Alexis began working as a counselor at The World School of Holistic Arts in San Francisco.


During this time she attended a team training at The Landmark Forum and her calling to be a Life Coach began.


After exploring the Landmark's certification track, she chose to become a certified Holistic Health Coach and launched her first business in Marin County, CA.

A few years later she moved to Venice Beach, California, and launched a highly successful live-in divorce recovery program for newly single mothers.


In the fall of 2012, she moved to Nevada County, California, where she later got married and had her son, River. 

Alexis' divorce in 2018 was her epic rock bottom which inspired her to launch her 3rd coaching business for women - Dating After Divorce. 

She continues to diversify her studies in order to provide clients with the most relevant and cutting-edge, personal development knowledge and tools. 

Certifications and Studies:

  • Landmark Forum, 2003

  • Landmark Forum Advanced Course, 2004

  • The Options Institute: Radical Authenticity, 2004

  • World School of Holistic Health: Holistic Health Practitioner, 2004

  • Rebirthing Workshop, 2005

  • Flower Essence Course, 2006

  • Nonviolent Communication Training, 2005

  • CIIS Somatic Therapy sessions 2006-2008

  • The Optimal Health Institute Course, 2007

  • The Four-Fold Way with Angeles Arrien & Patrick O'Neill, 2007

  • The Options Institute: Intimacy and Relationships, 2008

  • Yogaworks Teacher Training with Annie Carpenter, 2009

  • Abundance Consciousness Training, 2010

  • The Beauty Way Course with Eric Nies, 2011

  • Soul-life Coaching Certification, 2013

  • Tantric Training at Harbin HotSprings, 2013

  •  Vipassana Meditation Retreat, 2015

  • The Four-Fold Way Course with Patrick O'Neill, 2016

  • Wild Mountain Yoga Teacher Training with Amanda Dozal, 2016

  • CTI: Co-Active Coaches Training, 2017

  • JRNI Life Coaching certification with John Kim and Noell Corduex, 2020

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