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(This post is also for the men who land here, check out the podcasts below!)

I highly recommend listening to the below podcasts featuring John Wineland and look into his work.

John Wineland is dedicated to helping men and men's work, but he also works with women and couples. He dissects the strengths and struggles of the masculine and feminine energies (which we all embody), in a modern, accurate, and accessible way. His content is life-changing and incredibly valuable.

He discusses consciousness, presence, and intimacy with approachable insights, tools, strategies, and frameworks for how to be in right relationship with the self and others.

Why is it important for divorced women to understand men's work?

  1. It creates clarity regarding the struggles that you experienced with your ex-husband and in your marriage.

  2. It accelerates finding compassion, healing, and forgiveness for your ex.

  3. It creates an understanding of why you're getting divorced.

  4. If you have children, you will learn how to be a better co-parent by understanding your ex better.

  5. You will learn how to show up better for the men in your life.

  6. If you have sons, you will understand how to support their personal growth.

  7. When you begin dating again, you will be discerning with whom you choose to date and will be able to notice red flags.

  8. When you are in a new relationship and challenges arise, you will be able to make supportive choices for your partner.

  9. You will increase the quality of the man that you want, desire, attract, and date by knowing what a HIGH caliber man (who is doing his men's work) looks, sounds, and feels like.

  10. You can help others by sharing these 7 podcasts!

1. Evolving Man: From The Core - A Guide To Masculine Leadership

2. The Relationship School: The Secret Weapon For Men To Deepen Their Relationship With Women

3. The Life Stylist Podcast: Soulmate GPS: Finding The Love You Want (Without Losing Yourself)

4. The Life Stylist Podcast: What Men Crave & What Women Want

5. The Life Stylist Podcast: Six Pillars of Sexual Spiritual Intimacy Part One & Two

6. Mark Groves: A New Definition of Masculinity

7. Man Talks: John Wineland - Integration, Your Masculine Core and How To Embody It All

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