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Stop self-abandonment in just 12 weeks...

Do you want to know how to end the painful cycle of abandoning yourself when dating?

Date with discernment.

This looks like creating daily authenticity practices, understanding how healthy men date, and implementing the dating with discernment framework. 

The Dating With Discernment Method™
Will Teach You How To Do Just That!

Because you know what happens when you finally stop the self-abandonment?

  • You make healthy dating choices.

  • You trust your intuition and follow it.

  • You have solid boundaries and walk away as needed.

  • No more one-night stands, ghosting, or bad dates.

  • No more ignoring red flags and suffering.

  • No more wondering what he's thinking.

  • Healthy, compatible men start showing up everywhere you go. 

Imagine achieving that in 12 weeks with a proven system you can use repeatedly. Now you can with the Dating With Discernment Method ™.


A 12-week 1:1 journey will guide you through three modules: reclaiming authenticity, understanding how healthy men date, and dating with discernment.

Each module contains an easy-to-follow framework, cutting-edge personal development tools, personalized practices, and techniques. 


  • ​Weekly 60-minute Zoom calls

  • What's app text support as needed

  • The 9 Pillars of Authenticity Framework

  • The 10 Pillars To A Healthy Man's Heart Framework

  • The Dating With Discernment Framework

  • Book and podcast recommendations, healing resources, and more!

Darcy, CO

Aftrer my divorce I felt terrified to start dating. It had been so long and being single now is different than before. I had no idea where to begin and how to carry myself. Alexis' program helped me understand who I am now, how to engage with men, and how to date in 2023!

Look, Sister...

If you fully commit to this program, I guarantee you will experience incredible transformation and enjoy dating after divorce!


Over the course of the 12 weeksyou will:

  • Strengthen your self-awareness by understanding your self-abandonment patterns and triggers. 

  • Discover how you compromise your authenticity when dating. 

  • Develop daily self-care protocols that help you maintain your authenticity.

  • Enjoy slow dating and allowing him to lead while showing you who he is.

  • Understand how to self-regulate if you start to self-abandon on a date.

  • Align your dating protocols with your core values, and maintain boundaries.

  • Develop your dating logic.

  • Explore your intuition and trust your inner wisdom and leadership.

  • Discern between an underdeveloped man, a narcissistic and a healthy man.

  • Master expressing your needs without blame, shame, or aggression.

  • Learn how to delay intimacy.

  • Embrace your solitude and feel whole, complete, and content being single!

If this is what you want, schedule an intake call today!


What Is Self-Abandonment?

Self-abandonment is when you disconnect from your needs, silence your intuition, and ignore your common sense. Generally, this happens when you choose being accepted and liked over your authentic wants, needs, and desires. You can do this in subtle ways, for example not stating what you want for dinner, or in more extreme behaviors like being intimate when you don't

want to be. Either way, you're abandoning your authenticity.

Are you ready?

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