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Good men do exist.

Unfortunately, women’s primal desire to be chosen makes them rush the dating process, unable to differentiate between healthy, uninterested, and narcissistic men.


Combined with a smidge of unresolved childhood trauma, a fear of growing old alone, and the residue of divorce...

Women attach to men before vetting them for sustainable compatibility.


Meanwhile, healthy men generally take 2-3 months to determine whether you're girlfriend material or placeholder.

But women decide he's The One before knowing if he should be The One or if he wants to be The One.

When things don't work out, we feel rejected, bitter, and blame all men.

The problem is that we're NOT dating with discernment. 

Discernment is the skill of perceiving, understanding, and judging things clearly, especially in unclear or complex situations.


This is essential because narcissistic, underdeveloped, and toxic men intentionally date women who lack discernment (aka ignore red flags) because they are easier to manipulate.


Women like yourself, who are confident, empowered, and intelligent, unintentionally make choices that disconnect them from their discernment. 


​But don't worry. The 6 Rules for Dating with Discernment™ will help you avoid these mistakes while strengthening your discernment.


You'll be able to see red flags immediately, maintain your boundaries, and walk away unscathed.

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