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For women ready to

reclaim their Sovereignty.


I know this is a shocking concept...

I get it. When my marriage ended I was at rock-bottom and scared, which did not feel healing. Plus, my parents are divorced and (bless their hearts) it was messy. But that's because they didn't have the life-changing breakthroughs that I did, which birthed The Sovereignty Formula Program TM. Committing 100% to this program transformed my mindset to utilize my divorce as a catalyst for moving from co-dependency towards Personal Sovereignty.


It changed my life and I can help you

experience the same thing!


I help self-aware women heal codependency by cultivating personal sovereignty during divorce without shame, guilt, or fear. This work is NOT about male-bashing, being victims, or blaming others for your circumstances. You hold others accountable for their actions and take responsibility for your choices and healing by taking ownership of your story, core-wounding, unconscious desires, and beliefs.

  • A call to discuss your status, my program and possible enrollment.
    45 min
  • Transforming codependency into personal sovereignty during divorce.
    50 min
    $3,000 for 3 Months

My Story


I got married at 36 because I was scared to be alone, but I didn’t realize this until a few days after my marriage ended when I walked out of the social services office. I had just completed paperwork while nursing my 2-year-old son, with tears running down my face. When I stepped onto the sidewalk I felt dizzy, my heart was racing, my vision was blurry, and then it hit me: I DID THIS. 


I realized that I was not a victim. My entire story was driven by codependency and this was my rock bottom: I was 39, painfully dependent on my spouse and getting a DIVORCE, with a toddler in tow.

At that moment I had an epiphany: if this is my story than I can change it. This was no longer about ‘we’ or ‘us’ or what ‘he did’. It was about taking absolute responsibility for myself. So, with tears in my eyes, I released my ex from being responsible for my pain and let him go...

Moments later I felt a surge of energy and intense clarity because I was reconnecting with my personal sovereignty after years of seeking external validation (and suffering because of it). THIS was the breakthrough moment that shifted my paradigm and catapulted me into my transformational divorce journey. 

As a coach, with 2 decades of experience in the personal development industry, I knew that reclaiming personal sovereignty during a divorce would be challenging. To address it, I developed The Sovereignty Formula ™ which organized the logistical and emotional aspects of navigating the four seasons of divorce. Along the way this program transformed my codependency into sovereignty without shame, guilt or fear. I had extremely successful results and a new Dharmic path was born - to help other women.

I refuse to accept the archaic narrative that divorcee's are destined to be bitter, broke, lonely, and resentful! It's been a few years now and I am absolutely in LOVE with my life, and the work that I do. I appreciate my story, feel complete with my past and I'm anchored by my personal sovereignty. My life is deeply fulfilling and it feels like this is just beginning...


Now it's your turn!

The Journal

A collection of writings, resources, and snippets of wisdom

written by myself and other knowledgeable minds to support, nourish, and guide you. 

Divorce Caoching

take the first step

The first step is a  30-45 minute intake call to discuss your status, the program, and explore the type of support that you need. You will get a feel for my coaching style and if it resonates with your communication and processing style.


If you are exiting an abusive relationship or if you struggle with addiction, I request that you are working with a therapist in addition to (or prior to) receiving coaching to ensure your well-being.

"Nothing adds such dignity to character as the recognition of one’s self-sovereignty."

- Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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