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For women who move from codependency

to Sovereignty.

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 Hello, my name is Alexis...

I help self-aware women create health, and wealth and find love (again) by moving from codependency to sovereignty during a divorce.  

Let me explain...

MOST women who get divorced have a story of growing up in a dysfunctional home and have become codependent as a survival strategy. They end up choosing an unhealthy partner and co-creating a toxic relationship. This happens because these women are hard-wired to seek external validation, ignore their intuition, silence their voice, and have an unconscious belief that they don't deserve a healthy relationship.

If this is you, keep reading...

The good news is that you can heal your codependency. The pain, anger, and anxiety you're experiencing from living this way can end. You do not have to become a bitter, broke, lonely, and resentful divorcée. You do not have to drag your kids through a traumatizing divorce. Nor do you have to repeat the same relationship pattern and end up divorced, again. 

You have a CHOICE

You can blame your ex as a strategy for discharging your pain. However,  you will stay stuck in codependency, being a victim, and will never find closure. You will miss your opportunity for healing and growth. This will lead to another dysfunctional relationship and divorce or you'll be single (and bitter).


You can take responsibility for your story and contributions to the dysfunctional marriage and divorce. When you do this you release your ex, take your power back and activate an internal transformation. This is how you move from codependency to personal sovereignty. 

This is not victim-blaming. This means that you simultaneously hold your ex accountable for their actions AND take responsibility for their impact on you. What your ex did and how it made you feel are two different things. You do not need your ex to apologize or take ownership in order to heal and move on. You can choose that right now.

​The Sovereignty Formula ™ is your guide on how to do just that! 

During this 90-day program, you will discover the 9 pillars of personal sovereignty. These pillars are what you need to develop and nurture so that you stay out of codependency and are anchored in your sovereignty. You will receive 1:1 coaching through the process while integrating cutting-edge personal development tools, expert knowledge, and practices.

When my marriage ended I was at rock bottom. I felt overwhelmed, anxious, and disempowered. I was a mess and willing to do ANYTHING to get through the divorce in one piece. If you are at this point, book an intake call today because I can help you transform your pain into your power and your trauma into your triumph!