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For women ready to

reclaim their Sovereignty.


I know this is a shocking CONCEPT...

Especially, if your marriage was saturated with varying degrees of abuse, narcissistic behaviors, and betrayal.  And now you're entering a divorce. You might be wondering - how exactly is this healing? It's normal during the first season of divorce to feel traumatized, protective, and defensive. I get it because I have been there.

Here's the rub - the journey of healing only happens when you take radical responsibility for yourself. This is hard to do at first because you must grieve.  However, you need to be aware of when you collapse grieving and needing validation, with blame. You might blame your ex as a strategy for discharging your pain. But over time blaming turns into victim mode, which creates life-long suffering.

If you spend months or years blaming your ex for the dysfunctional marriage and divorce, you will miss your opportunity for healing and growth. You will stay stuck in your patterns - eventually dating someone similar, creating a similar dysfunctional relationship, and ending up at rock bottom, again.

When you DO take responsibility for yourself, you take your power back and create a new story. It’s not your fault that your partner did whatever they did, but it is your responsibility to transform your pain into power and your trauma into triumph. Your pain, your trauma, and your sovereignty are YOUR responsibility.

This is not victim-blaming. This means that you simultaneously hold others accountable for their actions AND take responsibility for the impact their actions had on you. Personal sovereignty is created when you own that you are a whole and complete, self-governing, autonomous woman. 

The Sovereignty Formula Program TM  is for you, the self-aware woman, who wants to utilize your divorce as a catalyst for reclaiming your personal sovereignty. You have a fierce feminine spirit that is ready to break free and be the leader of your life. It's time to take your power, voice, and life back. 

This program changed my life anD It will change yours too!