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For women ready to

reclaim their Sovereignty.


I know this is a shocking concept...

I get it. When my marriage ended I was at rock-bottom and scared, which did not feel healing. Plus, my parents are divorced and (bless their hearts) it was messy. But that's because they didn't have the life-changing breakthroughs that I did, which birthed The Sovereignty Formula Program TM. Committing 100% to this program transformed my mindset to utilize my divorce as a catalyst for moving from co-dependency towards Personal Sovereignty.


It changed my life and I can help you

experience the same thing!


I help self-aware women heal codependency by cultivating personal sovereignty during divorce without shame, guilt, or fear. This work is NOT about male-bashing, being victims, or blaming others for your circumstances. You hold others accountable for their actions and take responsibility for your choices and healing by taking ownership of your story, core-wounding, unconscious desires, and beliefs.

  • A call to discuss your status, my program and possible enrollment.

    45 min

  • Transforming codependency into personal sovereignty during divorce.

    50 min

    $3,000 for 3 Months

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