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what women are saying

"I was contemplating divorce when Alexis was referred to me by a friend. She helped me re-prioritize myself, my needs and reconnect with what brings me joy. My marriage isn't fixed, but we're working on it. And now I now feel empowered to ask for what I want and clear about who I am as sovereign being!"

Debra Z.

"Alexis has given me the invaluable tools I need to heal and thrive. She has helped show me the ways I can support myself and my family... mind, body, and spirit. I'm so grateful for her inherent wisdom and intuitive heart connection to the work she does!"

Jessica P.

"Alexis does a great job listening to me and being able to provide empathy during tough sessions, while also being able to share some of herself appropriately and relate it back to me. She's very present and always with me."

Katie L.

"I always enjoy talking with Alexis. I can sense her aura of positive energy and willingness to hear my thoughts and feelings. She does a great job of holding space and letting me know that my emotions are real and valid."

Sophia S.

"Working with Alexis is such a gift. I never thought I needed a life-coach but now that I have one I can't imagine life without her! Having someone to talk to whose only agenda is supporting my growth and goals is invaluable."

Jennifer K.

"I used to think life coaching was silly, but working with Alexis has changed my life! I appreciate her compassionate, straight-forward, no b.s. approach to navigating challenges, as well as the plethora of resources she's been able to provide! A true lifesaver!"

Sierra G.

"Alexis has a very calm demeanor and style. It is immediately comforting and approachable. We were able to relate to very similar feelings in our coaching journey. I loved that Alexis offered additional resources for me to check out regarding my discussion with her. It made me feel like she was really listening and cares. Alexis has a very warm smile and although that may seem strange to mention in terms of a ‘save space’, there are other coaches who do not smile and it causes uneasiness."

Anonymous Client

"I felt like I could share anything with her and she was listening so attentively! She has a very calm, yet assertive presence without being pushy and asked thought-provoking questions."

Anonymous Client

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