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What is a Transformational Divorce?

A Transformational Divorce is when you choose to utilize the process as an opportunity for personal growth, healing, and empowerment. It involves taking responsibility for your story and contributions to the marriage ending, releasing your ex, and focusing on cultivating your personal sovereignty. We know the conventional divorce narrative all too well because we see it in the movies, in our families and circle of friends. There’s pain, blame and suffering. The divorce process is traumatic and lengthy, full of power-struggles and verbal abuse. After months (or sometimes years) of fighting over who gets what, both parties are left feeling like depleted, disoriented, desperate victims. Victims who believe that everything is the ex’s fault, and they must remain bitter, broke, lonely, and resentful forever. Well, I’m calling bullsh*t on that archaic, dysfunctional and toxic narrative because there is another way. A healthier way. A healing way. An empowering way to navigate a divorce. In the divorce recovery industry it's been referred to as ‘conscious uncoupling.’ In my coaching practice I call it a Transformational Divorce. What the conventional divorce narrative doesn’t teach us is that divorce is an incredible opportunity to pause and do our work. As one chapter closes and we transition into another, we are given a moment in time to reflect, reset and realign with our authentic selves. We’re being invited to courageously transform our pain, heartbreak, and loss into courage, wisdom and strength. While divorce can be a rock bottom, it is also a wake-up call and a second chance at Life.

What are the 4 Seasons of Divorce?

​The Four Seasons of Divorce is a road map through the emotional and logistical aspects of divorce. Each season has unique characteristics, goals, and strategies for supporting growth, healing, and empowerment.

  • Season One: Survival. Creating a safe space so you can breathe, grieve, and receive support.
  • Season Two: Stability. Solidifying your foundational needs and beginning the divorce process.
  • Season Three: Self-Exploration. Exploring who you are now by prioritizing your core values & desires.
  • Season Four: Sovereignty. Anchoring your personal Sovereignty by refining the authenticity of your life and creating goals for an epic future.

Why a 3-month commitment?

Personal Growth research has found that it takes 21 days to cultivate a new habit and 90 days to solidify it as a lifestyle choice. And it’s true! I know from personal experience that no matter how excited I am to integrate a new routine, ritual, lifestyle choice, or commitment, these things take time and repetition. I’ve had sessions with clients where within 20 minutes they’ve experienced a life-changing breakthrough and we could’ve been complete. However, experiencing a breakthrough in one session and integrating a breakthrough into an unshakable lifestyle, are 2 very different things. And I want to support you in anchoring sustainable growth and change. Coaching is a journey of self-exploration and personal betterment, not a race.

How are the Seasons structured?

Each season’s goal is to teach you the 5 C’s of the Sovereignty formula and how to integrate it into the unique landscape of that season. The 5 C’s are organized like 5 steps, with specific goals and resources per step that support the emotional, logical, and physical needs of that season. When you register for a season you will receive an outline of the 5 C’s of Sovereignty. We will use this as our roadmap and personalize it as needed. Your pace for completing a season will depend on the complexity of your divorce, your resources, and your personal growth capacity. We will work in 3-month increments with 2 coaching calls per month and occasional text support. You will also receive a google drive folder which will contain your intake call notes, the 5 C’s of Sovereignty roadmap for the specific season that you registered for, notes from your coaching calls, assigned weekly goals, and additional resources as needed. At the end of the 3 months, we will evaluate your status and the next best steps.

Am I expected to move through an entire season in 3 months?

Absolutely not. Every transformational divorce journey is different and unique to that individual. Your journey will vary depending how you process grief, transitions, and change. The seasonal programs are designed to be fluid and flexible in order to support your personal needs.

How is coaching different than other stuff?

  • Coaching: a coach-peer dynamic. As coaches, we view our clients as peers, who are whole and complete people, who know their truth and what’s best for themselves. Coaches guide, direct, reassure, and gently nudge the process of self-discovery forward. This is interactive as coaches provide feedback, reflection, resources, and more. The intention is to focus on the present moment and forward.
  • Mentorship: a teacher-student dynamic. A student works under a mentor to learn everything the mentor knows, and often build upon it.
  • Consultant: an expert-client dynamic. A client hires a consultant to solve a specific problem. The consultant uses specific analytics tools and strategies to create the desired result for the client.
  • Therapist: a doctor-patient dynamic. A patient hires a doctor to fix, diagnose, cure an issue. This generally involves reviewing past traumas and slowly peeling back the layers to comprehend the issue.

What is the difference between Codependency, Interdependency, and Sovereignty?

  • Codependency: excessive reliance on other people for approval and a sense of identity.
  • Interdependency: mutual dependence between two people, that is healthy, balanced, and respectful.
  • Sovereignty: having supreme power or authority over ones’ self regardless of another's presence.

Agreements & Policies

  • Be Trustworthy: I agree to be trustworthy by creating a confidential, shame-free container, where I hold you in the highest regard, regardless of what you share and my personal beliefs.
  • Be Coachable: by hiring me as your coach, you are willing to ‘try on’ what I suggest. You are willing to allow me to illuminate possible aspects of your reality that you may not be able to see due to your belief system, conditioning, and survival instincts.
  • Be Flexible: if I interrupt or redirect you, it’s usually to disrupt a negative feedback loop (venting) and refocus on the core issue. However, if you feel that what you were sharing is vital, let me know and you can resume.
  • Be Truthful - as a coach I am here to hold space, witness, and reflect back to you what I hear. If I say something that doesn’t resonate, please tell me! You know your truth, I am merely here to help guide you towards it.
  • Be Responsive: I will send a courtesy text 48 - hours prior to our session to confirm. Please respond with either a YES or NO to avoid violating my 24 - hour cancellation policy and getting charged.
  • Be Proactive: you are responsible for calling me for your sessions. I strongly suggest adding an event to your phone calendar with an alert for 5 minutes before your session, as well as a post-it on your fridge or home office area. If you are more than 10 minutes late to our call it’s considered a 'no show' and you will be charged the full price of a session.
  • Be Accountable: you must cancel your session 24 - hours prior your scheduled time, otherwise you will be charged the full price. Your coaching package is paid for in full prior to the first session to solidify your commitment and accountability, as well as to reserve a bi-monthly time block. If additional sessions are necessary (weekly), we will discuss and adjust the program price accordingly.