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The 9 Pillars
OF dating

Dating after divorce is an emotional, overwhelming, and confusing chapter because you don't know who you are.


On one hand, you have a new-found sense of freedom and on the other hand, you have PTSD from your marriage. 


The good news is that you can become whomever you want. I am here with chocolate, roses, and support to help you reclaim your personal sovereignty. 


Sis, let me explain…


As a woman, we are hard-wired to nurture, attune, and be attached to our family’s needs. We’ve sacrificed and compromised parts of ourselves for the well-being of our partners and children. 


There is no shame - this is what society has taught us to do.


But now that you’re divorced, it’s time to reclaim the parts of yourself that you’ve lost over the years and ignite the parts of you that never had permission to be.


When you reclaim your personal sovereignty, you are fully empowered to be your authentic self and unapologetically live aligned with your core values. 


Ok, but you might be asking me, "How do I do this"


I am glad you are wondering because I designed The 9 Pillars of Dating with women like you in mind. 


Let this be your starting point and your blueprint for your personal sovereignty.


Because here’s the thing - if you want to create a healthy, sustainable relationship with a high-caliber partner in this new chapter of life, you need to date from your sovereignty. 


But Sis, please do not view this as another reason to be hard on yourself! 


We, women, tend to be perfectionists and never feel good enough. We’re hyper-critical and always comparing ourselves to others. 


This is NOT another thing to do with!


The 9 Pillars of Dating are an invitation toward what’s possible. The goal is to be moving from your sovereignty 80% of the time. 


This is a mindset of progress, not perfection.

So, if you're ready to take the first step towards Dating After Divorce and reclaiming your sovereignty, then grab the free The 9 Pillars of Dating by filling out the form below!

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