The Sovereignty Formula

A 3-month program designed to transform your divorce into a journey of cultivating sovereignty.

  • 50 minutes
  • $3,500 for 3 Months
  • Phone / Walk / Zoom

What to Expect

The Sovereignty Formula is a revolutionary deep dive into the transformational divorce paradigm. Within this paradigm, a divorce is healing when approached as an opportunity to cultivate personal sovereignty. Many women going through a divorce either collapse into self-destructive habits or become addicted to over-functioning. Both of these paths are coping mechanisms that create unnecessary chaos, pain, and suffering. There is another path… When you reconnect with your fierce feminine spirit, you realize that you are whole and complete, a self-governing, autonomous woman. From this place, you can utilize your divorce as an opportunity to heal, transform, and navigate this new chapter. The Sovereignty Formula contains the 9 pillars of sovereignty and a roadmap that creates consistent management of each pillar. The three months are themed, with each month containing 3 of the 9 pillars to focus on, utilizing cutting-edge tools, techniques, and practices. Month One: Stability How to navigate the stress and chaos of a divorce. How to be a single parent. How to schedule your week. How to manage chores and to-do lists. How to make your health and wellness a priority. Month Two: Self-respect How to avoid feeling like a failure. How to separate 'mine, yours, and ours' responsibilities with your ex. How to set boundaries while co-parenting. How to deal with your ex moving on. How to honor and live from your core values. How to date as a divorcee. Month Three: Sovereignty How to manage your finances and create abundance. How to find gratitude for your ex. How to step into your bigger purpose. How to avoid feeling lonely or depressed. How to cultivate confidence, feel sexy, and enjoy pleasure again. How to reclaim your voice, power, and autonomy. How to fall in love with yourself and your new life! This 3-month program contains 3 calls per month (ideally alternating weeks), and text support. You will also receive The Survival Guide and The Divorce Bundle, both have additional resources that I've collected over the past 4 years that have enhanced my sovereignty. Payment plans are available. If you feel a pull towards this program, please honor your intuition - let's chat! Love, A

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