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I believe in divine alignment and intuitive guidance, so I don’t think that it’s an accident that you’ve found yourself on my website. Something inside of you is pulling you towards receiving coaching and support. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if your marriage (or relationship) ended yesterday, last month or last year - I can help. I can help because I’ve been in your shoes Sister. By the time my marriage ended my support system (bless their hearts), were just as exhausted as I was and biased. Some of them wanted me to preserve for the sake of our son, while others wanted me to let go more quickly than I was emotionally ready to. I felt stuck, lost, and alone in my experience. I searched the Internet for divorce support, but was turned off by most coaches' sterile, corporate vibe. I needed someone who felt like a big sister with legit credentials, tools, and resources. Someone who would be real, and raw, without bullshiting me through the tough times with toxic positivity. Someone who had been through it and would be able to guide from experience. I needed someone like me. After this realization I pulled myself off the couch, showered, and remembered who the f*ck I was! I put on my personal development coaching hat and created a year-long program utilizing the 2 decades of knowledge, skills, studies, and certifications that I’ve acquired. I took myself through The Four Season of Divorce program and the results were LIFE-CHANGING! Half-way through a new dharmic path awakened to help other women experience the profound TRANSFORMATION that I was experiencing! With the help from (a very expensive) business strategy coach, I refined and renamed the program The Sovereignty Formula. It's potent, powerful and concise, designed to give you twice the impact in a ¼ of the time. It’s 3-months long with 3 modules, which reflect the seasons of divorce. Each module has 3 key aspects that are required when healing codependency and cultivating personal sovereignty. The program is designed to be taken once or multiple times, and personalized to suit your specific needs. You will receive 3 coaching calls per month and occasional text, email support. You will also receive a google drive doc with a personalized road map with specific resources based on your path. At the end of the 3-months we will evaluate your status and plan the next steps. I'm so glad that you're here. Let's get on the phone and chat! Love, A

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