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Dating After Divorce Digital Program


  • 50 minutes
  • $3,500 for 3 Months
  • Phone / Walk / Zoom

What to Expect

Dating after divorce can be an emotional, overwhelming, and intimidating experience. MOST women go down one of two paths… ​ They either become over-functioning and hyper-independent, protecting themselves by rarely dating. This strategy creates a bitter, lonely, and resentful existence. ​ Or they collapse into a rebound relationship, attempting to chase the love they never got. Unfortunately, after the honeymoon fades, the rebound relationship will replicate the dysfunctional marriage that just ended. ​ The good news is that you don't have to go down either path. ​ You can be a healthy, happy divorcee who enjoys dating. You can attract a high-caliber partner and create a safe, secure, and conscious relationship. ​ ​The Dating After Divorce Program™ is your guide on how to do just that! You will receive individual coaching with cutting-edge personal development tools, expert knowledge, and practices. ​ Each month contains 3 of the 9 pillars to focus on. Each pillar will be developed by integrating cutting-edge personal development tools, expert knowledge, and practices. Foundation One: Stability ~ Integrate easy-to-use life hacks so that you optimize your schedule, stay organized, and manage to-do lists with ease. ~ Prioritize your health and wellness so that you can be calm and non-reactive when corresponding with your ex. ~ Develop a spiritual practice that guides you back to yourself. Foundation Two: Self-respect ~ Embrace your solitude so that you feel content in your autonomy. ~ Create boundaries with your ex so that you are self-sufficient and aren’t entangled in unnecessary codependency. ~ Reconnect with your core values so that you can make authentic choices and unpack the limited beliefs that are blocking you. Foundation Three: Sovereignty ~ Connect with your abundance consciousness so you can cultivate financial stability and aren’t dependent on child support or alimony. ~ Find your voice, purpose, and contribution so that you have something that stimulates your mind and feeds your soul. ~ Reclaim your sensuality so that you can enjoy pleasure and find joy again.

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