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1:1 Divorce Support

1:1 Coaching sessions to guide you through the emotional and logistical chaos of divorce.

  • 50 minutes
  • 200 US dollars
  • Phone / Walk / Zoom

What to Expect

You are in the right place... Take a moment and breathe. Everything is going to be ok. You are going to get through this divorce and come out to the other side with clarity, confidence, and with courage that you didn't know existed. The pain, fear, and overwhelm that you are feeling today will not last forever. This time next year you will be in a very different place. Most likely smiling because you feel liberated and empowered, while loving your life. But first, you must grieve and get out of survival mode. It's IMPOSSIBLE to do personal growth work and move forward when our nervous systems are activated and stressed. The good news is that I can help. In our coaching sessions, you will have access to cutting-edge personal development tools and expert knowledge to help you process your grief, calm your nervous system, and get grounded. You will be held in a safe, unbiased space where you can fall apart and be built back up. You will create a basic action plan for navigating the emotional and logistical chaos of divorce that is specific to your situation and needs. You do not need to fall asleep with anxiety and fear every night, worried about the process and your future. You can experience a healing divorce journey, with the right guidance and support. So, let's get you the support that you need and deserve. Coaching Sessions: 1 Session $200 3 Sessions $500 6 Sessions $1000

Contact Details

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