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the survival guide

The first steps to take when navigating the divorce journey.

Your marriage just ended and you’re likely in shock, living in fight or flight mode. Maybe you’re feeling numb, overwhelmed, or scared. You’re barely eating or sleeping and struggling to think about anything other than the fact that your marriage just ended.


I call this the Season of Survival because you’re in survival mode. This is when you can only focus on getting your foundational needs met - home, food, water, money, clothing, and safety. Until these needs are stable you’ll have very little capacity to accomplish much else.

This is the most challenging, painful, and confusing season of your journey because you’re untangling from your spouse and your life together. Even if you initiated it, the moment when you choose to leave is scary, especially if children are involved.

I want to reassure you that what you are feeling is completely normal. Take a deep breath and pause. You are not alone in this journey. You are supported. You are going to get through this AND you will emerge stronger than before.

Fill out the form below to get The Survival Guide for free which will provide you with the basic, first steps of how to proceed based on personal experience, research, and working with a lawyer.

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