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Image by Ian Schneider

Dating After Divorce

Did you know that a majority of divorces are initiated by women?

Ok Babe, here’s the hard truth….because I care about you.


Women are hard-wired for love, connection, and attention. If our Father didn’t give this to us to the degree that we needed as little girls, we develop an unconscious belief that we must chase men in order to receive love. This looks like dating unavailable men. 


You know, the ones who give us just enough to stay, but not enough to feel cherished, nourished, or like a priority?


Does this sound familiar?


My guess is that you got married from a desire to be chosen. You were likely hoping that your partner would be The One who finally makes you feel whole and complete. 


The problem is that no one can make you feel whole and complete, that is an inside job. You likely realized this and became so sick and tired of the bullsh*t in your marriage that you left. 


But, now you’re divorced and wondering what’s next.


Well, here’s the really good f*cking news…


You get to choose YOU now. 100% unapologetically YOU.


Dating after divorce is about reclaiming your authenticity, standing in your integrity, and dating from a place of personal sovereignty. 

No chasing men. No settling for less than what you deserve. No compromising your core values. No more of that nonsense. 

You are going to discover just how amazing you are and how to create a new chapter that is exquisitely delicious. 

​The Dating After Divorce Program™ is your guide on how to do just that! You will receive individual coaching with cutting-edge personal development tools, expert knowledge, and practices.

Each month focuses on a new foundation. All 3 foundations are necessary to develop if you want to create a healthy, sustainable relationship with a high-caliber partner.


Foundation One: Stability

  • Strengthen your accountability, resourcefulness, and communication.

  • Prioritize and invest in your mental and physical well-being.

  • Activate your intuition, body wisdom, and higher power.


Foundation Two: Self-respect 

  • Feel whole, complete, and content in your solitude.

  • Live from your core values with integrity and discipline.

  • Source your validation and self-worth from your personal container.


Foundation Three: Sovereignty 

  • Ignite your growth mindset and ability to create whatever you desire!

  • Develop your natural talents that give your life meaning and purpose.

  • Balance your ability to move from your masculine vs feminine energy.

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